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We are licensed through ASCAP.

We are a rock, hard rock, and metal station but also play Indie music.

We are constantly updating more music and soon we will have some special, genre specific days and times.

We do live shows several nights each week and broadcast from various locations. Please check our Facebook page or Twitter @divaradiolive for daily updates. We love your requests so send them to us, you can hit the leave message at the bottom of the page or use our contact page to submit your requests and dedications!

We will be highlighting and playing music from unsigned bands whom we feel our audience will enjoy. 

We are always looking for new bands to both interview and play.


Talk Shows

We have prerecorded segments and will be doing live talk shows on a number of topics. We have moved our talk shows over to another station. 

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Our "Love" Series

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Want to be a Guest?

We are always looking for people who either have something personal to share or professionally. We will set up a live interview and do a show with you a guest.

Visit our submission page and submit your inquiry and we will get back to you.

Files coming soon.

Contact Us

Do you have questions or comments about our programming? Do you have an idea for a story or style that we should include? Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.

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You May be Interested

Through this journey we come across unique people who are trying to help those who need help. After careful consideration we will be adding some useful links to outside websites that our listeners may be interested in.

Cloaked by Chaos

Very unique organization who accepts donations of original artwork, including doodles in which they will create items for sale using those works of art and a percentage of the proceeds goes to a charity in which the purchaser selects.

This is a wonderful way to give both to the artist and to the community.

Visit their web site to see their items or to donate your art. Check back in the near future, we will be featuring an interview with the founders.

Requests and Dedications