Advertising on Radio

We are very proud of our radio platform and welcome good, quality businesses looking to get their message(s) out there. 

We offer very low cost advertising for small businesses who don't have a big advertising budget.

We will even help with recording a commercial to broadcast.

If you offer a service and you want to set up an interview to help advertise your company, by all means, contact us. This is offered on a case by case basis to keep the integrity of our station. 

Public Service Announcements

We are happy to  provide these free of charge on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss.

Small Business

Small business is my passion and I love to help promote someone who has a vision and is just starting out. Please contact me to discuss getting your business out there.

I understand first hand having a vision and not knowing where or how to start. You can read my story here.

Bands and Music

Music is my other passion and I love to hear new music from struggling musicians. I am happy to listen to your stuff and if it suits my mission, I will be very happy to share it with my 

audience. Contact me for more information.

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