Death Saddle Syndicate


Hard Rock Trio from Connecticut

Highly skilled trio who knows how to play great rock and roll. They remind me of old school rockers with a special flair. These guys are legit and have great talent.

Each of the three has distinctive polished talent that out reaches any expectations I had prior to listening to their music. They are definitely a big cut above the rest.

I have all of their music, Vol I, II, and III in the rotations so they are in almost all of the current playlists.

I have not yet had the privilege of seeing them live but I have no doubt I would be blown away.  One of the first things I noticed when I first heard them was the awesome recording quality. Very polished, clear recording quality. I could hear all three very distinctively which made it even better. 

The other thing I noticed was the drummer is the singer. This shocked me but what shocked me even more was how incredibly good he is. Do you know how difficult it is to drum and sing yet alone sing well at the same time? Just try it sometime, just sing and tap on a table and try to keep the right count and tempo, imagine using both arms and your entire upper body while singing and hitting all of the notes. As a former piano player/singer, I can say, that is not easy, it's downright difficult and to do it well, says a lot.

The guitarist...what can I say? It's great, clearly a very experienced player who understands music and knows how to play great music.

The bassist, is there any doubt? Let's see, we have an awesome drummer who is also the vocalist, a great guitarist so naturally, the bassist is going to be the great as well.

Check these guys out, they are on the top tier for must check out bands. Also, I did do an interview with them last year and you can listen to that on SoundCloud.

I hope to get the chance to see them live very soon and I will definitely update the page when I do. Until then, check them out on Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

From the Death Saddle Syndicate Facebook page:



Hard Rock Trio from New Haven, CT
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Death Saddle Syndicate consists of singing drummer Michael Davis-Penta, bassist Jedd Chlebowski, and guitarist John Leonard. This band defines the meaning of “do-it-yourself”, with all three members writing original content, managing bookings and promotion, and Leonard acting as the band's recording engineer.   With influences spanning decades of Rock history, fans of the genre both past and present will love Death Saddle’s familiar yet refreshingly new sound.  Their brand of expressive, open songwriting presents an impressive variety of composition and musical arrangement. Each EP highlights DSS’s ability to abandon simplistic song structure in one track, and embrace it fluently in the next. Their members boast award-winning vocals, keen musicianship, and an unparalleled ability to communicate honestly through their music.  

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