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Meet Your Host

A legal professional, author, and certified life coach, Chantel has spent a lifetime healing from being a wounded child. She has traveled the world and has a lot of life and people experience to share.

Starting her first company at the age of 23 she has spent her years talking to thousands of people, traveling the world, and getting to know herself.

Join Her for the Journey

She hopes that her words will help people know that they are not alone and mixing real, honest, raw talk along with some humor, as well as life experience you are sure to find something that you can relate to.

There are so many difficult topics and she wants to touch on all of them.  The goal is to help others be the best version of themselves.  She offers steps in healing and moving forward in the most healthy way possible and how to expand on your already great qualities.

She uses the real approach, straightforward, and honest. 

She has another side that she discovered while getting to know herself and she loves to write. She writes all kinds of articles and other things but her passion is adult erotic material that is shared on the sister site Diva Adult Radio.