Amazing rock band from Connecticut

I first heard them on Twitter and I instantly liked them. I went and checked them out and I knew I wanted to talk to them.

I talked to Ben (guitarist and front man of the band) and we tried to set up and interview and one thing after another happened and finally, very recently, I got my chance to interview them and we did it live!

Doing a live interview is very different and doing a live interview in person is even more different but it gave me the opportunity to really see and feel them which is a huge bonus.

I talked to Ben (guitarist and front man) and Mitch (guitarist) first and it was probably the most raw interview I have ever done and I loved it! Then I was joined by Jesse (singer) and even got a few songs played, totally unplugged by Jesse and Mitch. I was immediately taken aback by the sheer talent. Sitting on a couch, totally unplanned and technically not set up for a performance, they did their thing and forever left a mark on me in the best possible way. I was beyond impressed with Jesse and his vocals, the way he was able to just sing virtually on demand and I felt his passion for what he does. I was also  equally blown away by Mitch who played the hell out of the acoustic guitar and did an amazing job harmonizing.  I was left literally just wanting more.

Later that evening I got my wish and was able to see them all together on stage, doing their thing. Again, I was blown away at the talent of the band collectively as well as as individually. They far exceeded my expectations. They have definitely stepped up their game and  their new music is kick ass great. When a band is able to really touch me with their music the way Lakeshore did, there really are no words except that it was an amazing experience and a memory I will cherish forever.

Lakeshore is the real deal and I am proud to be able to share their music on the radio, Their music is on point and it will leave you wanting more. Both lyrically and musically they are incredible. Not a single thing I would change except I want to hear more of 

Check them out, you will not be disappointed, a true blue rock band with amazing music.

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