Music is Therapuetic

Music is art which can be interpreted countless different ways. Sometimes a single song can change your mood.

Music can often speak the words we are unable to say. We can relate to the lyrics and also love the musical parts of a song.

Music Has Meaning

Sometimes it's up to us to decide what a song means to us and that's part why it can be so magical. Have you ever had a song touch your soul?

Music Can Bring Back Memories

Whether they are good memories or bad memories, music can make us reflect on our life experiences. 

Reflection can be a very positive thing because often times, it can show us how far we have come when we can't see it day to day.

Music We Relate to

It's a beautiful thing when we find a song or songs that we can relate to. Maybe something we are going through or something we have been through, this gives us a special connection to the song.

It's All Unique

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to a meaning of a song. We can all decide for ourselves what a song means to us which is a beautiful gift.

We bring music to the station in hopes of giving you something positive in your life.

We interview bands in hopes you can connect and want to learn about their music.