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Raw Broadcasting

We feel the most real talk comes from a place that is not scripted. Our shows are not meant to be presented as flawless pieces of journalism but more of an authentic point of view.

We want our listeners to be able to relate not only to our topics but our delivery.

Our Opinions

Our shows are based solely on opinion and our own viewpoint and not meant to give or replace any type of professional advice.

Our vision is both to make our listeners think but also to entertain.

It is our hope that our listeners will be able to relate to our topics and our shows.

We Love Feedback

We want to hear from you. We want your suggestions for content and suggestions on how we can be better. Of course, we are human and we love kudos too!

Have an idea for a show? Let us know!

We Value Your Privacy

We do not share any information with anyone under any circumstance.

We Are Just Starting Out

We will be evolving and we want you to share in our journey.