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Interview Interest

If you are interested in setting up an interview, the screening process is pretty simple.

Submit your contact information and the topic you would like to be interviewed on.

We will set up a screening phone call. This is information, just a conversation to make sure we are all on the same page.

We will determine what area is the best fit and set up a time to do the interview.

We do all of our shows unscripted and if there is anything special highlighted, it will be during the phone screening that we will discuss with you.

We will review any web sites or business that you are affiliated to make sure we highlight your interview in the best possible way.

What We Look For

We are looking for anything that will support our mission. Meaning, anything that any of our listeners may find useful we would love to discuss.

Live Broadcast

We do record all of our shows. Some are prerecorded and some are live. We will determine after speaking with you which is the most suitable.

After the Interview

You will receive a copy in .mp3 format for your records. If you want to use the interview on your web site or on any promotional platforms, this will need to be discussed in the screening process and a separate contract will need to be executed prior to the interview.

All interviews and shows are the property of Diva Radio Live and we retain all of the rights unless a separate contract and agreement is executed. 

Promoting the Interview

We promote all of our shows on various platforms. 

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